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takash uzumaki

know as naruto uzumaki grandson you might know my granpa story but this is mine ok. Izan  he aske like he sooo cool .

but im hear takashi uzumaki . where going to are spar  .master kakashi man he is ok  and all . And rosz man aaaa.In a village hidden and the leave a boy name takashi uzumaki know as the kyuubi  .takashi is  the kyuubi of the leaves . (takashi) man im going to become hokage that my dream than i will bet snotnose izan uchiha i dont like that guy

im lucy be and group in rosz but she insane about izan I  ghest  me and kakashi is my friend

izan i hate rosz i love so much but she over izan so much. kakashi

he is know alot jutsu (kakashi)

takashi your a hokage grandson

you whont pass you to weak of my

kind. (takashi) WHAT are saying im going to become hokage sansai THAN I AM GOING ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! (izan) shut up loser (kakashi) ok what aver you three will be fight me ok .(izan rosz takash )OK (narater) takashi thoug a kunai at kakashi sansai miss me .than…( takashi ) the B...the BELL!.

whoooooooo!(narater) than takashi

put me dwon  put me  dwon

(kakashi) see you are navive takashi never go after the bell

if it out in the open that call trap.

(takashi) i know that . (kakashi)

so where are the other two (rosz) whear izan kun (kakashi) bo rosz  haaaaaaaaa . (izan) so you are and eilt jonin ah (kakashi) right izan you clan is speicle to the leaf . (izan) don’t talk about uhchia like you know them slap fire stly fire ball jutus (kakashi) hah . (narator) kakashi dogeg it with earth  stley mud rock jutus (izan) hah…. hahhh (kakashi) see dont get mad

fight comley ok izan. (izan) but how (kakashi)

that and eilt ah jonin see not so ez right izan (izan) nah

(kakashi) time to miss with rosz . (rosz) hah...hah uha i..i..iz..izan. (kakashi) she cant bet an genjutus .

(takashi) nrrrr…..haha…...narrrr urrr...what kind of rope is this shraken jutus  im freeee haaaaa lunch ! yaaa hooo !! crap i have to be more quityer  or kakashi sensai

could get agian  (kakashi) ha takashi what are up to

(takashi) haaa kakashi sensai (takashi) in head damn he cot me

(kakashi) nice try

(takashi) not agian  hhhhhhhhhh


hahahh izan kun (izan) roze get it to gathere

(roze) yeah  …. i got it (izan) come on

(kakashi) so takashi where izan or roze i will spere your life  if you kill izan or roze

(takashi) what you a………. (izan)

roze there ohhh kill use (roze) what do you mean

(izan) no he will kill use

that…. no just run roze

narrater izan  and roze are runing in the forest of death .(kakashi) so all of guy think i going to kill them

takashi stay here i am going kill izan and roze ok (takashi) no……...NO! what no i whont let you kill my friend ok

you jonin or so call ninja

i dont know that mauch

but i know the forth hokage

wasnt a so call ninja

he work his but to porteak

the village damm what am i saying

but still izan roze how come he ki…. thrrrrrrrr roze izan kakashi way

no it a genjugtsu


United States


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thank you for the fave :)
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